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ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE as a NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization takes health and safety with utmost priority, that is why we have extend our health care services which we tagged ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE (ADCI). As this platform enables us to educate, enlighten, equip and attend to thousands of people all over the world. ADCI is a non-profit organization spurred through an inward conviction that services to humanity in total self abandonment is the key to living a fulfilled life and building a better world. Ever since, the organization has been in the fore front of rendering humanitarian services to mankind.
as a humanitarian agent we saw the timely need of training and arming the youth, under privileged, and the older generation with potential skills that we fetch them substantial income. We believe that everyone on earth has an inherit ability to succeed and be productive....Read more
we are more concerned about one’s health and environmental safety that is why we have created ADCI online platform for extensive heath research and other alternatives for the cure of sickness and diseases. We are highly committed to the fight against malaria, polio and cancer. ....Read more
this segment is apparently the major area that ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE is popularly known for, because we believe in the reality and existence of angels as regarding to assisting one another in times of despair, destitution, penury, and helplessness. We attend to these groups of people as an organization that is human oriented. ....Read more
we frown at the teaming youth who have carelessly endangered their lives by the abusive use of drugs and alcohol. We are great supporter of the younger generation therefore we saw the need to save these great potential youths from wasting their lives and destiny through the abuse of drugs. ....Read more