DRUGS AND ALCOHOLIC ABUSE REHABILITATION: we frown at the teaming youth who have carelessly endangered their lives by the abusive use of drugs and alcohol. We are great supporter of the younger generation therefore we saw the need to save these great potential youths from wasting their lives and destiny through the abuse of drugs.


We want to curb the excessive intake of alcohol and drugs; therefore ADCI has rolled out rehabilitation programs which are channeled to the drug addicted individuals. We have countless testimonies of core addicted drug abusers who turned to be a better citizen after our rehabilitation programs. We aim them with truth and also give them a broader view on how the abuse of drugs can cut short their lives even at the prime of life.


We extend the facts that excessive drug intake can affects ones mental reasoning and also deter them from making healthy decisions which will in turn leave them devastating and in effective to the society.

We spent millions of Naira in organizing these rehabilitation programs, and in some point we assist victims of this addiction to refocus their mind on meaning ventures that keeps their mind tuned towards the right direction.