The search is here again! Who is the finest of them all?


Best native dressing season one is an online monthly contest which sees that a winner emerges by the total number of vote casted for him/her by all ADCI members and the contestant’s friends as well.

Is a fun filled exercise designed to put laughter in the lives of many Nigerians as we as a human oriented non-governmental organization uses such platform to encourage and promote our African unique dress sense among the youth. Let’s keep African dress sense glowing! Dress in your best native attire and then take picture of you in that attire and submit to us, you are on your way of making N50,000

Contest Category:

Best Native dressing (female)  (this category is for male contestants with the most admired African dress code, however  winner  can only be determined by public vote)

Contestant’s criteria:
1. Must be a member of ADCI before you can contest
2. Your Adci membership account must be verified
3. We do not have any age limit
4. Contestants can come from any part of the world as long as she is a registered member of Adci
5. Each contestant must submit her original photo as shown in her profile; we do not allow photos of celebrities, or photos of another person rather than the contestants on file.

Contest rules and winning criteria:

The winner is conceived by these below occurrences, and voting outcome

  1. The winner must have up to 50 votes and above casted for her
  2. The winner must be the person with the highest number of votes

Contest Price:

The winner of this contest will be given the total sum of N50,000 (fifty thousand naira)

How to become a contestant:

Step 1: login to your adci member area at our official website

Step 2: pay your contesting fee of just N1000  by clicking HERE if you are already a member and have logged in to your account.

Step 3: the payment of your contesting fee is usually done through your ADCI member E-wallet account, this means you must have funds in your E-wallet as to pay for your contesting fee, to learn how to fund or top up funds in your ADCI E-wallet account click here or visit FAQ

Step 4: after payment, a file upload window opens for you, that’s where you upload the picture you intend to run the contest with.

Step 5: that’s all, we will email you your contestant ID And code, by which you can share on facebook, twitter and even in Adci forums asking your well wishers and friends to vote for you.


Photo submission:

Allowed photo submission are any of this formats jpeg, jpg,png and must be  600px width and 480heith or anything above that, but the file size must not exceed 1mb


Receiving of prizes:

The N50,000 winner prize will be paid directly into the contestant specified bank account the next day after the contest ended, and reports of the payments and the winner will be published in our website the next day, however since we run a transparent voting system every one gets to see the results as they happen in real time, because results are displayed given each contestant votes so you can be the judge.

Voting terms and conditions:

1. Only members of ADCI are allowed to vote
2. Each voter can only vote for one contestant or photo, and can also vote for another different contestant or photo but not to the previously voted photos or contestants.
3. None adci members can like the contests page from their facebook, twitter account, but those likes are not considered as voting, as only members on adci can vote, if you want to vote for your favorite photo or contestant kindly register as adci member and also enjoy lots of benefits of becoming a member, for more info about members benefits visit Here



Other contest coming up?

Here are top list of our future contest coming up, and each contest have different consolation prices and different submission criteria, always read the overview of each contest before applying.

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5. Best poem of the month
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8. Best dressing of the month female section
9. Best dressing of the month male section

So always visit our contest page to know when these contests are taking place so you can apply as a contestant or vote for your favorite contestant, you can also subscribe to our newsletter to get notified, however we urge you to become a member as all future contest will be sent to you via sms and email alert


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Who do you think THE NATIVE DRESS fits most?