We have tons of medical research personnel's who are always available to answer and counsel you on issues and ailments that may be affecting your health. These are medical professionals with the fear of God and love for humanity. These professional advice and counseling cost thousands of dollars to get the caliber of doctors we have in the network to take up your health related questions and answer them without asking you for a dime. You also learn health tips and therapy that will help you live a better and healthy life. Drop your questions in the public discussion board or send a personal note directly to these doctors and they will respond to you immediately to your personal inbox without disclosing it to the general discussion board.


We have rolled out countless skill acquisition programs for everyone who wants to be useful to his/her self and to the society at large. And we take pride in making the cost of these extensive training to be free. We also give support and financial aids to our trainees as a way of helping them kick start their own business venture with the skills they have acquired.
The venue of this skill acquisition programs are rotational from one geographic location to another, this is to enable us attend to all our members from different parts of the country, so get notified when the next skill acquisition program is taking place in your area, and endeavor to attend as they are all free.


As a member of ADCI we have created a program and employment scheme in connection with hundreds of companies at high and lower level, as to be able to assist each member of ADCI to be gainfully employed into any of these companies. We tender your application letters directly to company CEO's and ensure that you get employed.
We help you get jobs within and outside the country, we have companies that are willing to accept you in various fields you qualify such as banks, aviation, maritime, hotels, churches , schools, transports, oil and gas, driver jobs, nanny, sales representative, private companies, factory works, marketers for branded products, catering services and many more. We also have companies are organizations in Dubai, Malaysia, Uk, USA, South Africa and many more.


As an ADCI member you can benefit from our free loan scheme for starting up a business. We believe in assisting every member to actualize his dreams. We don't just train you with skills; we also take a step forward in granting loans for all qualified members as a startup capital. This loan has flexible payment time frame without any demand for collateral. We disburse funds in the purchase of three cycles, taxi, sewing machines, and fish farming tools and equipment, agricultural funds and other noble business that can fetch you substantial income. We want to build a poverty free world for all our members.


we run a monthly contest for all Adci members, these contests gives each winner in different category to win a cash some of N25,000 to N1million according to the price stake of each particular month and category. this contest is our way of encouraging, financing and supporting each adci members directly. There are other non cash prices which are full music recording deal, all expense trip to Dubai, south Africa, and USA, Laptops, Plazma Tv, Refrigerators, Iphones and Ipads, and many more. This contest comes every month, starting from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month respectively, and its voting methods and contest is online based, which gives every member of Adci an amble opportunity to run for any of his/her preferred category irrespective of his/her location. The application method is simple and every details of each contest is given expressly on the contest page.
Below are some of the contest categories that you may run for....

1. Most Beautiful Face of Adci
2. Most Handsome Face of Adci
3. Best Comedy Audio of The Month
4. Best Comedy Video of The Month
5. Best Poem of The Month
6. Best Music of The Month
7. Best Rap of The Month
8. Best Dressing of The Month Female Section
9. Best Dressing of The Month Male Section


we offer scholarship programs to lucky members of adci to study a 6months course in South Africa, united kingdom, USA , Cambodia and Canada. this scholarship programs can only be awarded to best performed adci members during the scholarship exams, and we takes care of all expenses including visa procurement, admission, accommodation, and many more, we also work in hand with few local and international firms to ensure you have a safe and coordinated stay throughout your study time.


every adci member has access to our e-learning platform where he/she can learn and increase in knowledge on any course, topics and he/she so desires. It also features lots of health materials that can enhance ones overall knowledge about health and safety. And we have lots of how to do tutorials on various subjects and indifferent categories. Also our e-learning platform is been populated with tons of manuals, audios, videos of our past skill acquisition programs as a refresher course for members who didn’t attend the workshops.


we conducts free medical test to the general public both members and non members of adci, however only members of adci can benefit from our free treatment programs, we are in partnership with local and foreign medical firms, research institute and government as regarding to the supply of these drugs to us, in which we distribute freely among all adci members who are been diagnosed of some mentioned ailments. We also conduct random checkups and follow ups to ascertain the general health improvement of any adci member going through our free medical treatment program.


Wow! This part of adci has been putting thousands of naira weekly into member’s pocket. Make a minimum of N12000 weekly doing nothing rather than telling friends about adci and its awesome benefits accorded to its members; do you intend to run for a contest? if yes, then is high time you started telling your friends to sign up as a member of adci as to vote for you in your contest. However by telling people about adci you are also building your down liners as they sign up using your sponsor code. for more information’s about our ambassadors program kindly click HERE...