Become A Teacher

ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE is an online citadel of learning for students in the health and medical profession, however as an extensive research organization we are welcoming certified professors and lecturers from any part of the world to apply as one of ADCI course instructors.
We believe in team work, we believe in the assistance of one another, we believe in the coming together of top class academic giants in the health, safety and medical profession.


Kindly fill the below form with valid details, and then upload your cv in a .docx format, all .doc formats are supported for upload.

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Are you knowledgeable and well grounded in the field of health, safety, and medicine with proven teaching references, certificates and teaching skills? If yes, you can apply as one of ADCI instructors in the field you majors most.

All our instructors are handpicked, scrutinized and properly evaluated to ascertain the credibility of their tendered certificates, documentations and references.

We adopt strict screening procedure in other to ensure that our clients and members of the ADCI network have authentic and reliable instructors in any of their chosen field.

* Prepare handy lesson notes on a course
* Set quiz and questionnaire for students
* Lead students in a research with proper guidance
* Answer questions from students in relation to his/her course
* Participate in group chats and other forum discussions.
We employ strict scrutinizing method when choosing our instructors, however the below criteria are key requirements that a potential ADCI instructor must have.