ANGELIC VISITATIONS: this segment is apparently the major area that ADCI is popular known for, because we believe in the reality and existence of angels as regarding to assisting one another in times of despair, destitution, penury, and helplessness. We attend to these groups of people as an organization that is human oriented.

ADCI has in time past visited homes and families that are financially handicapped, and in our own little way made sure that we give a face lift to the families. Our angelic visitation programs starts within our core members either via an online registration and offline registration, and then we extend to the general public.

One sure way of benefiting from ADCI is by simply registering with the network, is a sure way of getting assistance from the organization. We are here to make sure there is light and hope to those poverty stricken homes. We have donated bags of rice, clothes, relive materials, and home appliances to the under privileged ones. We have gone to some remote villages to rescue the needy, and provide water, and other social amenities to the people.