Welcome to ADCI empowerment program called “THE AMBASSADOR” is unique money making program carefully designed to put consistent reasonable amount of money in your bank account on weekly basis, without stress, money comes easily to you.
Our non-governmental organization ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE has its sole primary objective of putting smiles on the faces of people, this is widely archived by our broad supporters from all works of life who are change agents and catalyst of financial freedom from top nations of the world, we teamed up forces to bring life, hope, fortune and wealth to every single ADCI member.
How will you feel when all you do is to discuss about ADCI programs among your friends in church, school, or social media and get over N25,000 weekly rolling into your account with ease?
Have you wasted lots of energy pushing a network marketing or so called multi level marketing programs only to discover your destiny is tied to countless number of down liners who will never do anything else but just got you stuck in the middle waiting for one leg of your down line to complete before getting peanuts as peanut or bonus?




Why waste your time when you can make real money the advanced way,


No strings attached

No products to buy

No multilevel marketing

No extra conditions attached

Get paid instantly

Minimum payout as low as N1,000

Get paid any time, any day you want your money

Payments sent directly into your bank account.


Tell your friends about adci and all of its programs, scholarships, contests and lots more and then ask them to sign up using your adci username as SPONSOR and you will be paid for that.
Get your unique referral link and share on your social media timeline and have your friends click on them, you can tell them about each contest that may appeal to them, and get paid when they clicks on the link and sign up.
Personally sign someone up yourself and put your sponsor code when doing so and get paid for it.


How it works?

The program works in three simple steps, become an adci member, join the ambassadors team and have your account activated as an ambassador, go fishing; using our sponsor code, and unique referral link to post on social media, such as facebook, twitter and even whatsapp, once someone follows your link and signs up as adci member you will be automatically be credited with N300 (naira) instantly. Lets say you have 10 persons clicking on your unique link every day and ends up signing up with adci you make N300 x 10 = N3000 daily (stress free). All you did was to share a simple link right, and sit back and watch money roll in.

Note: each targeted client that clicks on your link our automated system records the clients and safe it for you for two weeks (14 days) this means that even if the person later signs up after 14 days of clicking your link our system will still automatically credit your account for that sign up.

NOTE: This program is only for our ADCI members who signed up for the Ambassadors program, this simply means you may be an ADCI but can only enjoy the benefits of a member, but to start earning as an ambassador you need to sign up for an Ambassadors account. But however you must first sign up as an ADCI member and get your account approved, then you can then apply for the ambassadors program. If you are already an ADCI member and wish to apply for the ambassador program kindly login to your account and then click on the Become an Ambassador

But if you are not yet an adci member kindly click on the joins us menu button to sign up now.


For more information or questions about this program please refer to our FAQ section, as all the questions may have been answered there, but if your questions where not listed on the Faq sections please use our live chat or send us an email and we will respond to you immediately.