Angels Discovery Circles Initiative (ADCI) is an inspiration and initiative of Dr. Kayode Zacchaeus Adebiyi, founded in 2015, registered with Nigeria Network of NGOs and some International Association.
ANGELS DISCOVERY CIRCLES INITIATIVE (ADCI) is a non-profit organization spurred through an inward conviction that services to humanity in total self abandonment is the key to living a fulfilled life and building a better world. Ever since, the organization has been in the fore front of rendering humanitarian services to mankind. We believe in a sickness, poverty and illiterate free world, we see possibilities as against the rampaging demoralized, deprived, disillusioned, perplexed and misinformed world of today. We are Gods moral agents of transformational change which cuts across all spheres of life, pointing to health and environment as the organizations diadem. .
 We have set up a special networking platform for Public / Community Health & Safety professionals, this platform will give experts and people the ample opportunity to meet, interact together and undergo series of training using our E-learning platform.
Our objectives are to educate people on how to be Health and Safety conscious. Raising funds from philanthropists, donors, organizations that share the same dreams with us, in order to be able to help the grassroots and needy to fulfill their desiring ambition. We have countless empowerment programs rolled out for the Youths, women and children. ....Read more of our services
Angels Discovery Circles Initiative website is an intuitive online platform geared at enlightening, reshaping, informing, and enabling its members to acquire first hand information’s on health, safety, ongoing research by key professionals in the medical and health sector. Members can easily navigate through rich content journals, figures, courses, trending topics and tables using the built-in search feature in the ADCI website and also save the most relevant articles to their favorites.
Automatically download issues and articles when they are online, so that they can read them whether they are connected to the Internet or not. National and International  research Journal links on epidemiology from reliable source will be posted for anyone who needs to keep up to date with epidemiological advances and new developments throughout the world. It encourages communication among those engaged in the research, teaching and application of epidemiology of both communication and non-communicable disease. We also include tons of research into health services and medical care. ....See List OF Our Partners And Associations


  • Humanitarian Services
  • Safety awareness
  • Spiritual care enlightenment
  • Natural health care programs
  • Medical health care programs
  • Rehabilitating programs
  • Controlling of drugs/alcohol abuse
  • Counseling
  • Interactive programs
  • Professional networking
  • Training / Seminars
  • Interactive Forum
  • Empowering programs